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Why is a CV / Resume so important?

Why is a CV / Resume so important?

“A great CV will help land your dream job”

‘Digital you’ – a potential employer hasn’t met you in person yet. So, they are relying on a Word / PDF representation of you, which makes the first impression and showcases your experience and skills.

007 Seconds – Experts have found that a decision on whether to interview a candidate will take place within 7 seconds of reading a CV. So, it needs to be clear, concise and relevant.
Also, where does the good stuff need to go? (Hint: Its near the top of the CV)

Volume of applications –Recruiters / Talent Acquisition professionals / HR Managers will get a LOT of CVs across their desk for a vacancy. Those that are relevant, clear and targeted to the job, will help your CV get through the initial screening.

Shows you are serious – if you have a high level of attention to detail it shows you mean business. If your CV is sloppy, then it makes firms wonder if that’s your approach to work? Information needs to be accurate, to the point and tailored towards the role in question

Reduces problems later – if dates are correct, academia is fully updated, you will sail through the onboarding steps at the end of the interview process. If not, you could be back to square one

Compliments the interview – everyday tasks, core skills and examples listed on the CV will give an interview the basis for discussion. Also, you can prepare for the interview around the points listed

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