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Methods of Hiring

We offer a range of solutions, for your next hire. Businesses change, so our staffing solutions can be flexible


Contingent Sourcing

Some firms wish to engage recruiters on a ‘pay upon start basis’. We work in partnership with both Hiring Managers and HR alike, to source the best available candidates for your requirement.


Retained Search

A more strategic, Search based approach, most suitable for more senior appointments. Allow us to map the market and approach the right individuals for your team.  


Interim Management

Your business may not have the need or budget to bring on permanent staff.

The Interim or Temporary market offers a wealth of talent, available at short notice with the skills to deliver quickly. 

How does the Hiring Process work?

Step 1: Hiring Needs Assessment

One of our specialist Consultants will listen to your needs regarding the requirements for the hire. They will feed back on availability of the skillset and any additional relevant market information.

Step 4: Shortlist

We will provide you with a shortlist of qualified candidates for the role, with our thoughts on suitability

Step 2: Agree engagement fees

We like to be upfront about the cost of your hire and the associated Terms & Conditions. No surprises and clarity for everyone upfront.

Step 5: Interviews

We will support you throughout the interview process, scheduling and providing feedback at every stage.

Step 3: The Search

We will undertake a full search of the market, for candidates that match your requirements both technically and culturally.

Step 6: Offer process and onboarding

Acting on behalf of our Client we will deliver and negotiate the job offer as required. Once agreed we will guide the candidate through the referencing and onboarding process, often unique to every Client.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way