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What are Employers looking for in 2022?

What are Employers looking for in 2022?

1) Trustworthy hires who can work from home effectively

• Working from home is normal. No longer is it viewed as an emergency set up, but instead a fully operational hybrid-model is now part of the modern working pattern.
• Existing staff who know the systems, processes and policies have generally worked well remotely. But when new staff join, it has its challenges.
• New hires who have the direct experience and can pick up the systems quickly will be in demand
• Once fully up to speed, remote working has shown increased productivity and lower stress levels due to no commuting

2) Diverse workforce

• Having a diverse workforce is a top priority for firms across the world
• Many have embarked on D&I programmes but intrinsic cultural change requires more focus
• Workplace diversity means respecting and valuing the skills and differences that each staff member brings into the workspace
• Those businesses bringing together staff with different perspectives will put themselves in a better position to succeed
• Firms are now more consciously addressing bias in hiring processes and are examining practices around equal opportunities

3) Re-establishing a sense of Company Culture / Community

• Company Culture is the foundation of any firm. The Pandemic has forced us to work from home and keeping the ethos / drive / direction has been difficult
• Post-pandemic surveys have shown that staff have been longing to re-connect with the sense of community, shared value and goals that has been missing from the Zoom-based working environment
• This sense of belonging and ‘Team’ is attractive to new and existing staff.

4) An ESG focused agenda

• The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened awareness of the importance of Environmental & Social impacts across the globe
• ESG is no longer a tick box / PR exercise, it is real and top priority for this generation
• Financial services firms are now taking note about their own environmental impact and their choices around sustainable investing
• 2022 hiring will result in a surge of hiring in ESG supporting functions

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