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Risk Management Update: Which areas are hiring?


The summer has well and truly departed and it feels like an appropriate point to take a pause and reflect on market-wide hiring conditions.  

2022 has been an extremely busy year for the Financial Services industry and employees’ workloads have definitely increased. As a result, hiring volumes have reflected this across the market.

Banks and Asset Managers in particular are reaching out to The Risk Partners to deepen / strengthen their coverage within Risk Management and Compliance.


  • Continued volatility across the Financial Markets have seen the increased demand for Market Risk / Financial Risk professionals to assess and provide accurate reporting on positions / movements.
  • Enterprise Risk Management has seen a spike in demand as firms look to sure-up existing coverage of Risk Appetite, ICAAP / ICAARA and Stress testing.
  • Given the worlds focus on Climate Change, additional headcount is being assessed for Climate Risk / ESG focused professionals.
  • Credit Analysis has seen an increase as firms look to increase capacity in ensuring accurate due diligence of both FIG and Corporate customers.
  • A niche area that has boomed is the Automotive Finance / Asset Finance sector within Financial Services. Huge customer demand for vehicle finance has seen specialised lenders assess their Risk Management approach.
  • Corporate Banks are hiring Credit Administration professionals to help with the increased volume of loans being extended across Europe.
  • We have seen a marginal increase in the number of Contract positions being brought to market (an area which has been suppressed during Covid). Temporary solutions whilst hiring longer term options are coming back into fashion
  • Operational Risk has remained strong with Investment Banks and Investment Managers looking to bolster their approach to Risk frameworks


Q4 will be a busy hiring market. If you are considering moving roles, now is the time to speak with us. We have some fantastic clients, but we need to understand your background, motivations and key likes / dislikes. Please get in touch

Candidates are in short supply, so our advice is “if you like, strike”. Too often firms are waiting to “see what else is out there” and are losing out. Competitors will make the first move, if you don’t.

So, overall, a positive outlook for the remainder of the calendar year!

Stay safe and thanks for reading


The Risk Partners are a boutique specialist recruiter, with Risk Management at its heart of its activities. We live in a world where Governance steers the world through often challenging times. Our aim is to work with clients to ensure that you find the right people for your business. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.


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