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Perfect Preparation for the Perfect Interview

Perfect Preparation for the Perfect Interview

Here are our tips to impress your future boss.  Broken down for you into straightforward digestible steps:

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Preparation – the Scouts always said that the key was to “Be Prepared”. Interviews are no different. If you have done your homework, then you will be confident of having the right answers. You won’t get caught out (or find yourself tongue tied) as you have thought about and practiced the scenario

Know your CV – the Company has chosen to interview you, based on the strength of your CV and the skills you have mentioned. So, you must know it inside out and have good relevant examples ready to go

Research the company – some interviewers want to know todays Shareprice, others want you to have read the website and an understanding of their core business. You need to know who you are interviewing with and what the Company does

Research the interviewers – take a look at their LinkedIn profile, Google their name, you may find you have interests / people in common

Re-read the job description – you need to understand the role. If you don’t know what the role is, you can’t think about the relevant experience you have

Imagine you are in the Managers seat – what would you want to hear / see in a candidate? You would want to see good eye contact, a smile, well thought out answers, good examples of related work to what their team does. They want you to tell your story . . . so tell it

On the day: The Basics

Dress to impress – generally we advise people to overdress. Show you have taken time and are treating the interview seriously. If in doubt, ask the Recruiter in advance of what the company expects

Arrive early – nobody is impressed by a flustered, stressed out, panicked interviewee. Get there early, have a coffee nearby and get your ‘game face’ on

Documentationbring ID along with a copy of your CV and the job description

Professionalism is important – yes, its important to make a connection, show the real you, but its important to read the tone of the professional environment. Once you are colleagues you can drop your guard, but for now its business time

Politeness and smiletreat everyone you meet with respect and a smile. It goes a long way and gives the best impression of you

Relax and Deliver

Relax – take a breath and control the nerves (we all get them and a few nerves are a good thing by the way)

Be positive – believe in yourself, believe in your preparation, believe that you have a real chance at getting the job (and you really do)

Be authentic – sometimes trying too hard shows. You can only be yourself, so that’s what you should be

Be Realistic – let’s face it, there is no such thing as a perfect interview. We will all make mistakes. But the key is to deliver “you” in the best possible way. So don’t be too hard on yourself

Ask Questions – Remember that an interview is a two-way process. Managers want to be asked about themselves, their team, the Company, their vision and its important for you to understand where you fit into those plans. Think of some questions in advance

The Risk Partners are here to help. Working with us will give you access to a wealth of advice, tips and stories from our Partners. We have trodden the paths before, so do let our experts help you.

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