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Market Update: Post-pandemic (Q2 2021)

Market Update: Post-pandemic (Q2 2021)

2021 is well underway and the hiring market has been much more positive. Risk & Compliance hiring across the UK, USA and Europe is back. 

2020 saw a number of challenges globally, but as vaccination programs have hit full pace in 2021, confidence levels have grown and hiring has recommenced.

Our clients across Banking, Asset Management and Consulting have reached out to add talent to their teams.   


– Regulatory Capital Risk and Operational Risk roles have seen more demand, along with Stress testing and Portfolio Analytics

– Investment Risk / Market Risk roles have seen a slight increase following a quiet 2020

– Credit Risk roles have been quiet in the London market 

– Strong call for Audit and Compliance professionals across the US


– Compliance Monitoring roles have continued to come to market 

– AML Compliance across the market saw increased demand due to a change in spending habits due to the pandemic 


Due to short supply of candidates (because of nervousness around moving roles) compensation levels have increased for job movers. Especially in the hot demand areas. 

Bonus conversations were relatively flat this year as expected, apart from in Consulting where 2020 was a solid year. 

Contract rates have continued to be stagnant given the lack of demand for contractors. 


With more firms confirming that ongoing hybrid working models are to be adopted, less office space is required, hence lower cost per hire. Confidence is growing so real fight now begins to secure the best talent. 

Positive signs for the market on the whole.

The Risk Partners are a boutique recruiter, with Corporate Governance (Risk, Compliance, Legal) at the heart of its activities. We live in a world where Governance steers the world through often challenging times. Our aim is to work in partnership to develop careers and find business solutions. 

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