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8 reasons to look for a job in 2022

1. More Money

The result of Covid and nervousness around market conditions has meant that it has been harder to get a pay rise. Now the ‘tide is turning’ there is greater scope to increase your earnings outside your current organisation. Firms are now looking at strategic hires and are willing to pay good money to attract the best talent.

2. Hybrid working

Does your firm offer a flexible hybrid policy? It has been determined that a healthy balance of time in the office and working from home is required for the modern workforce.

Working from home reduces the desk space footprint for an employer and reduces an employee’s personal spend on travelling. In-office human interaction is an important feature for the mental health of many, but so is the reduced stress levels from less frequent commuting. Employers are aiming for this balance.

3. Take a career step

Polls have shown that career growth has been limited in recent years. A slower jobs market and relocation of many functions offshore has limited promotion prospects.  

Changing jobs in the current market will allow you wider exposure, a new perspective, help strengthen your skillset and allow you to grow professionally. Firms are offering that next step on the career ladder, so now is the time to start looking.

4. Better management

Your boss is the key to your advancement. Remote working has seen increased challenges for leadership, with some techniques very effective, others which simply aren’t working.

Building that stable, safe, motivating workplace is the key to morale and an efficient workforce. If you don’t have the management to suit you, perhaps we can find you a better set-up elsewhere?

5. New Challenges

“I like my employer but I am ready for a change” is a common phrase Candidates use in the current market. Even if you are doing well, your role can become stale. If you can do your job ‘in your sleep’, complacency often sets in. A new challenge can push you out of that comfort zone and keep you motivated to learn / grow.

6. Realisation of your value

In 2020 and 2021 we have all worked hard. Compensation hasn’t always reflected the value staff have shown for their employer and as mentioned previously, nor has promotion prospects. Recognition for achievements is sought after and, in a talent short market, your skills will be attractive elsewhere.

7. Lack of organisational culture / toxic work environment

Culture is key to an enjoyable workplace. Some people feel that their firm has lost its identity and distanced working has magnified the problem. In some cases a toxic work environment has pushed individuals to seek new opportunities elsewhere.

8. Personal wellbeing

Many of us have been assessing our lives in the past year. A destabilised world has opened up conversations around physical health, mental health and wellbeing. Work-life balance is key to this, as is daily emotional support. This area is a top subject across the market and initiatives are in place.

If it is the right time for you, we would love to help your job search.

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